Ava is a very imaginative 8 year old girl. Ava loves to sing and writes her own songs. She will perform them in front of anyone whether they want to listen or not,

Ava likes to watch movies and create her own characters and pretend that she is part of the movie,

Ava loves to dance and likes to create to music on her hover board, She will create dances all around the house while flying around in circles on her hover board.

If Ava had a superpower she would love to be able to see through concrete walls, This does not surprise my as Ava is a very inquisitive child and nosey

Ava is very friendly and sensitive to other people’s feelings. She loves having fun and making new friends.

Once Ava opens up she has a very dry funny sense of humour,

Ava also loves to play football and show the boys that she can do anything they can do


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