Fiadh is 9 years of age and lives in a village in the South of Dublin. She lives with her Mammy, Daddy, identical twin sister Cadhla and their twin tabby cats – Socks and Cookie. She is in 3rd class in National School and really enjoys learning new things and asking lots of questions. This summer both Fiadh and her twin sister Cadhla passed a formal examination, in order to be accepted into the Centre for Talented Youth Ireland (CTYI) at Dublin City University. The centre offers university style enrichment courses for students with high academic ability.

Fiadhs first course was ‘Animal Behaviour and Stop Motion Animation’. Fiadh loves animals, and as well as having two pet cats, she also looks after multiple fish and a sea snail as pets. Fiadh also loves taking part in lots of different activities. She plays GAA for her local team, and attends after school activities such as sports club and science club. She likes horse riding and has attended summer pony camps. She also loves swimming, pogo sticking and roller skating / blading. She is also a fledgling baker and likes to make home-made bread with her Daddy.

Fiadh is very creative and loves to draw and attend art classes. She adores reading and creative writing, and herself and her twin sister Cadhla have written their own series of ‘Super Twins’ books for family and friends. She enjoys singing and dancing and over the last year has attended ‘Got2Dance’ stage school, and took part in their summer show at the O’Reilly Theatre Dublin in June. Fiadh really likes attending ‘Talented Kids’ Performing Arts School and enjoys performing. She also really enjoys imitating her Mammy by speaking in a Northern Irish accent and telling jokes.



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